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Fashion Inspired, Professional Touched


AMOS Professional is a professional brand that provides the optimized haircare solutions for hair designers. With the concept of ‘Fashion Inspired, Professional Touched’, Amos Professional materializes a beauty and provides sincere hair solutions based on a professional touch by hair designers and a deep understanding for customers.

AMOS Professional wanted to express its will in its logo with its own message. In “AMOS”, “A” symbolizes scissors while “M” expresses a comb and “O” and “S” each represent products and the wave of hair. Each letter of the logo symbolizes the styling tool used by hair designers, which was intended to express AMOS Professional’s intention to create ‘Asian Professional Style’, our unique creative beauty, by carefully observing what customers and hair designers wanted as an exclusive brand for salons. AMOS Professional never stops making efforts even today to perfect your unique fashion with the products based on trustworthy ingredients and technologies and a touch of professionals.

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